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  1. Audio Gear
    FOR SALE: Danley Dts-10 Subwoofer - $SOLD Danley Dts-10 Subwoofer in mint condition (hardly ever used) ready for local pick up in Orange County Southern California. $1500 Shipping is available for $800 (includes insurance), but I would highly prefer it picked up.
  2. Dedicated Theater Design & Construction
    The Event Horizon is a totally blacked-out room with a 9.1.6 audio system and a unique subwoofer array that assures a stellar experience for all who enter. Like many AVS Forum members, Mike (mikela) developed an interest in audio and video early on. "I built my first loudspeakers using JBL...
  3. Speakers
    The JTR - Deep Sea Sound - Danley Synergy SoundOff 11 AM, Saturday October 10, 2015 Alpharetta Georgia 30004 RSVP Hydrazine (Tony) via PM This SoundOff will be a comparison of Mains and Subs. We will optimize, listen, document and measure everything possible. Results will be posted here...
  4. Dedicated Theater Design & Construction
    It's been a long time in the making, with many different iterations. I will keep this post as my most recent build out and reserve the subsequent posts for the journey that got me to where I am. I've taken my sweet time creating a build thread, so be patient as I go back through all my pictures...
  5. Area Home Theater Meets
    Omaha Home Theater Tour - October 27, 2012 Demo of JTR Noesis 212HT speakers - November 3, 2012 Central Iowa Spring Audio GTG - April 27, 2013 The Omaha Home Theater Tour has been set for October 27, 2012. It will consist of tours of the following: nebrunner's dedicated theater -...
  6. Speakers
    ok i think it is high time for an official tom danley sound labs thread . there is great interest in danleys products but it is very hard to find it all . for such an inovative desighn the only reason it gets ignored is the pro audio side and looks . its time to move on and give an officail...
1-6 of 7 Results