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  1. Movies, Concerts, and Music Discussion
    As a rule, I stay away from movie theaters in favor of the comforts of home. Currently, there are only 13 theaters equipped with Dolby Cinema auditoriums in the US. However, after reading Scott Wilkinson’s articles about the viewing experience at Dolby Cinema-equipped venues, I knew I had to...
  2. PlayStation Area
  3. PlayStation Area
    Hey Everyone, i have ps3 more than a year, i playing my ps3 with Philips TV 32' Model Number: 32PFL5409/98 and the graphic is good but not so much.. i check with more 2-3 tv with HD Ready and the graphic is same.. i played with FHD Tv sometimes and the graphic was great and smooth and i...
  4. PlayStation Area
    About 75% complete When the game reloads after a death the screen goes black and loses connection with the ps3. If i shut off the ps3 and restart the game it runs fine until it needs to reload again, same spot in the game each time. Any thoughts, I'm guessing it's the disc ?
1-5 of 5 Results