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  1. Speakers
     Hello all, this thread is an extensions of this one:  http://www.avsforum.com/t/1500827/slim-small-amp-for-mythos-sts   I bought a set of Mythos STS, and quickly realized my Panny SA-XR55 didn't sound super with them. I demo'd a few other amps, and discovered that that was certainly the...
  2. Speakers
    *****Mission a go. So the GTG is on for the weekend of July 20, 2013. Please vote for Saturday or Sunday above and look at the update at the bottom of this post.**** After seeing the various GTGs (NE, Central Iowa, etc.), I wanted to gauge the interest for a GTG in or around Denver so those...
  3. What's Your System Configuration
    Hello guys, this will be the place where I'm going to update my living room with home theatre. First let me say thanks to all members of this amazing community for the amount of knowledge I've gained reading the forums, for pointing me out to get one of the best sounding systems I've ever...
1-4 of 4 Results