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  1. Speakers
     Hi guys,   This is my first post on AVS so bear with me. I just bought a house and am setting up my entertainment room. I have a 65" samsung and that is it. I'm mounting it above my fireplace that is 42" tall so the center of the screen will be at just under 60". The room is 15' x 20' x...
  2. Speakers
    Alright, so I just bought a house, and we're trying to get things setup before we move in. The layout of this house is weird, I'm not gonna lie, it just doesn't seem to make much sense. We're making it worse by adding a random wall opening to help make the rooms flow a little better, but I'm...
  3. Speakers
    needs assistance on picking the right pair of surround speakers for my system. I live in a townhome and the family room is open all through dining and kitchen, more of an L-shaped floor plan. Only doing a 5.0 system and surround speaker will be on 40-42" Sanus Stands next to side table. I'm...
1-4 of 4 Results