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denon avr-x4500h
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  1. Great Found Deals
    No matter the speakers, TV, or any other components that you’ve got in your system, a modern AVR is they key to tying it all together. While AVRs can be expensive, thanks to the holiday shopping season and Black Friday deals, we’ve found some on sale at a significant discounts. Who says you...
  2. Great Found Deals
    Here comes another major deal on a Denon AVR. Yes, it's a clearance price because the new models are arriving. But also, yes this AVR has everything you need for running (up to) a 5.2.4 system, and is in no way obsolete. For the next two days, it's being sold on  Newegg.com for $849 , an...
  3. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    This thread covers the following 2018 Denon AVRs: S540BT/S640H/S740H/S940H/X1500H/X2500H/X3500H/X4500H/X6500H The Denon + Marantz Group (ie. D+M Group) USA has started to release information on the new 2018 Denon models starting with the four new "S" series models. The lower "X" series will be...
1-3 of 3 Results