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  1. HDTV Technical
    Direct-TV was just at my house in NOVA to install an OTA antenna (ordered thru Sling for $150). It was not grounded as I expected which is two 8 (or 6) gauge ground wires: 1 from a grounding block on entry to the house on the roof and one from the mast to earth ground (about 40+ ft). What he...
  2. Remote Control Area
    I’m looking for suggestions as to how I get my magic remote for my LG OLED TV to control my Direct TV receiver. I go through the setup that you get to by selecting “Home”/“Device Connector” but both “Remote Type 1” and “Remote Type 2” do not get the magic remote to control the Direct TV...
  3. HDTV Recorders
    I am trying to find a way to move some of my tv shows saved on my Direct TV dvr to an external hard drive or a memory stick.
  4. Remote Control Area
    The recent Direct TV update has a menu setting in remote control setup to allow direct pairing for the Genie remote with TV and audio equipment. It seems pretty straight forward, however, even though there are listings for a wide range of manufacturers names, there is no listing for Onkyo! I...
  5. HDTV Technical
    So I have two dishes outside my house. A direct tv dish and a dish network international dish. In my living room I only have one antenna wall port. So I have to choose either direct tv or dish. However i want both. Please help!
  6. Cable, Digital Cable - Non-HDTV
    I'm working on a friend's house boat and have come to a challenge. Here's the set up..... 1 Direct TV, standard def box stored on the deck. It has a coax out to a 2 way splitter. One side sends the signal to a tv on the deck, and the other side sends the signal to a tv in the master bedroom...
  7. Remote Control Area
    Tried the step function and at best I've been able to find a code that will do everything I need, but as soon as I hit select to enter it in, the volume controls no longer work for the receiver. Tried volume locking the control to that setting and all, and still, no luck. It works fine while...
  8. Remote Control Area
     I was able to set up our Samsung TV and the sound bar to the Harmony One.  We have an advanced receiver with Direct TV.  For some reason, when I hit Watch TV, the satellite turns on momentarily and then a second later, it turns off.  The opposite happens when I turn off everything.  The...
1-8 of 9 Results