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diy speakers
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  1. DIY Speakers and Subs
    I have been thoroughly enjoying going down the hifi rabbit hole and learning lots. So far I have: Upgraded from a super generic kenwood receiver to a used Marantz SR 7002 for a very good price. Upgraded to dual subs (nothing crazy high end, just used 10" subs that for now are doing the job) but...
  2. DIY Speakers and Subs
    Hi all. I am upgrading a media room and am now at the stage where I would like to build some good speakers for the Right Left and Center speakers. Currently I am leaning towards the Philharmonic BMRs. The room is treated, though bass traps have not yet been installed. It is 14x20 with 10'...
  3. DIY Speakers and Subs
    Hi I am making this 5v speaker what will work with aux. I would have this amplifier : SJ2038 Audio amplifier board, with LED indicator; Output power: 4ohm / 5W I have thinking these speakers : 5W 4 Ohm 65mm Full Range Loudspeaker But I have seen people using like 15-30w speakers in 5v...
  4. DIY Speakers and Subs
    I am evaluating options to buy a pair of Floorstanders for my music room to be used for both movies and music. I haven't finalized any of the other equipment yet. I am on budget, so thousands of $ on this will not work. Instead thinking of either buying a used pair from ebay or to buy a DIY kit...
  5. Subwoofers, Bass, and Transducers
    Hi guys, I currently am using these subs with a kicker 400 watt amp . I believe the subs are called the EN-PK212 and all spreadsheets I can find rate them at 800 watts. There are two inputs on the back (one per woofer) so I would like to know if it would be safe to use this 1200 watt amp...
  6. DIY Speakers and Subs
    First time finishing a set of speakers, thanks for the help that you guys have given me. There is in the first picture one rather large imperfection ;) happens when you drop the cab!
1-6 of 6 Results