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  1. 150" AT Screen Suggestions

    DIY Screen Section
    I see a lot of talk about using Milliskin for a decent AT screen. I'm wondering how one would go about making a screen larger than 120" since the verticle height would be more than the width of the material? What is the maximum stretch before you start to see issues? I would need about 73.5...
  2. Need advice on Subwoofers for new Home theater.

    Subwoofers, Bass, and Transducers
    Hi, I have two Ultimax sealed boxes (4 Cu ft) in my living room with inuke 6000 that I am enjoying now. Now I am planning to convert my basement to a home theater. dimension is 27 x 12 x 8. I will be building DIY HTM-12s for LCR duty and a baffle wall. I have couple of questions regarding...
  3. DIY Sound Group Fusion 15 Sentinel build

    DIY Speakers and Subs
    Since I'm in the middle of my build and I didn't find a bunch of threads related, I figured I'd post about my DIY Sound Group Fusion 15 Sentinel build. I will add to this post as the build progresses. Please ask questions along the way and I'll answer to the best of my ability! Thanks for...
  4. DIY newbie question

    I recently purchased two DIY speaker kits. (Speedsters from DIY sound group) I'm looking at my build and my current skill set. I want to do a two tone wood finish, and I've never worked with veneer before but I am decent with woodworking. However I happen to have a friend with a CNC router...
  5. Home Theater of the Month: Creekside Cinema

    Dedicated Theater Design & Construction
    Kevin Gilman (24Changer) fell in love with movie theaters when he was seven years old. "A friend of the family owned a local theater, and I was allowed to go by myself to see the first Superman movie with Christopher Reeve. Since then, I regularly attended the movies, dreaming of having my own...
  6. Sub inside a wall

    DIY Speakers and Subs
    I'm doing a 5.2.2 set up in my lounge and all the speakers are going to be in wall/ceiling speakers. The selection of in wall subwoofers available on the market is poor so I was thinking of making my own. I have a 7.5" cavity behind the sheet rock and was going to box it out with MDF or ply and...
  7. Help with choosing my DIY screen fabric.

    DIY Screen Section
    Hi @All, I am in the process of building my basement with my contractors. We are doing a nice centrally located theater with 125" screen (diagonal) 5.1.2 dolby atmos with all in wall speaker wiring,. We are also going to build a bar area and a workout area, on either sides of the centrally...
  8. Awesome DIY High Capacity Home Theater DVD/Bluray Storage For $20

    Theater Room Items & Accessories
    Please delete post. I see that a similar thread was already posted.
  9. large circular screens

    DIY Screen Section
    Hi All, I'm looking to build 3 large (8ft diameter) circular projection screens for an art exhibition and was looking for advice. I'm trying to minimize weight and cost and maximize portability and ease of assembly as i'll be transporting these from new york to texas. So far the best thing I...
  10. New Build: Home Theatre Down Under

    Dedicated Theater Design & Construction
    Hey there guys, such a great feeling starting my own build after looking at all the stunning builds on this thread. I thought during this planning stage, I’d get as much advice as I can pertaining to my situation. I’m from Australia hence the use of the metric system but will include the...
  11. Power outlet behind tv for multiple items

    LCD Flat Panel Displays
    My wife is converting one of our bedrooms into her sitting room. I am mounting a 49" LCD on the wall and behind the TV I am mounting the small genie box and Google Chrome cast. I need power for 4 items the TV, the soundbar, the small DirecTV genie Box, and the Chromecast. Most of the kits have...
  12. Too Long without a Theater, Theater

    Dedicated Theater Design & Construction
    Over a year ago a bought a house with the primary purpose of installing a theater in the unfinished basement. Unfortunately, I'm only now getting around to starting. My time without a theater of any kind has been unpleasant. I'm eager to correct this deficit. My priority is optimal sound...
  13. What kind of driver is this?

    DIY Speakers and Subs
    A friend gave me a pair of studio drivers, but I have no idea of their make or specs. They are about 8 inches in diameter on the absolute outside, 6 inches on the outside of the cone, not including the surround. They are about 4.5 inches deep. The magnets are about 4.5 inches in diameter and...
  14. Help needed for 2.1 Bluetooth speaker

    DIY Speakers and Subs
    Hello, Let me start by saying that I’m quite a novice when it comes to audio stuff / speaker design. I’m going to build a 2.1 Bluetooth speaker. I want a relatively small speaker but aim for pretty good sound especially for the size of the speaker. So far I have selected a few components but I...
  15. Home Theater of the Month: Great Dane Cinema

    Dedicated Theater Design & Construction
    Brent Meyer (meyer64) has dreamed of having his own home theater since high school. "I built my first entertainment center and subwoofer enclosure in tenth-grade shop class." After discovering AVS Forum in 2003, Brent's passion for home theater grew. "Once I decided that I wanted a dedicated...
  16. Looking for bugdet DIY ideas

    DIY Speakers and Subs
    My wife and I have been using an old (neighbors gifted it to us when they upgraded) phillips HTIB setup for the past decade and have not felt the need to upgrade (and really couldn't afford to) until just recently. I picked up a pair of cheap Pioneer front speakers with a center speaker and a...
  17. DIY Microcube Guidance Required: Using weird L-Shape... in and under cabinet

    DIY Speakers and Subs
    Hi Everyone, Thanks for the amazing work here - I figured this may require it's own thread, outside of the MartySub / Microcube FAQ. I am looking at building a uniquely weird L-Shaped Microcube enclosure both inside and beneath some new cabinets I will be installing over the next few weeks...
  18. Sound System of the Week #3: DIY Inspiration

    DIY Speakers and Subs
    For this Sound System of the Week, I have chosen another home theater-centric DIY home theater system that focuses on a pragmatic approach to achieving top-tier performance. Jared, aka @jk7.2 on AVS Forum, got his inspiration in the DIY Speakers and Subs section of this site. And with the help...
  19. Advice?

    Hello, I am going to cut to the chase even though everyone is probably tired of getting these types of questions. I have a 5.1 system consisting of: 2 RCA SP2700Ts ('Full range' tower speakers from the 90's) 2 Polk T50's (Rear satellites) 1 Polk CS10 (Center) 1 Bic Acoustech PL-200 (Sub) The...
  20. DIY Screen Material Help Canada

    DIY Screen Section
    I am planning on building a 150 inch screen and then painting it with an ALR paint. Problem is I can't seem to find any blackout in the size that I want here in Canada. Any suggestions from people who have done this on where I can get this material or any other suggestions on how to go about this.