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  1. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Hi. With my 2020 Sony X950H only being capable of Player-led Dolby Vision (LLDV) when connected to external devices (like ATV4K), would using a device like the HD Fury Vertex 2 improve the Dolby Vision presentation? I can definitely see how the TV's internal apps play brighter and more vibrant...
  2. OLED Technology and Flat Panels General
    Link to official LG C1 page, https://www.lg.com/us/tvs/lg-oled65c1pub-oled-4k-tv KEY FEATURES Self-lighting OLED: Perfect Black, Intense Color, Infinite Contrast α9 Gen 4 AI Processor 4K with AI Picture Pro/Sound Pro Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos webOS + ThinQ AI w/ Magic Remote Gaming...
  3. High Dynamic Range (HDR) & Wide Color Gamut (WCG)
    Intermittently, my Sony Bravia XR A80J 77" presents extremely weird colour renditions of Apple TV 4K Dolby Vision content. See attached photos as examples. Normal colours are restored by rebooting the Sony Bravia TV. Rebooting the ATV4K does not affect the issue (i.e. issue persists after...
  4. Video Source Items
    Selling my 2019 Nvidia Shield Pro. Works perfectly. I upgraded my TV and now use the built-in apps so I no longer need this. Comes in original packaging.
    $125 USD
  5. Audio Gear
    Unit is 3 years old and was kept in a climate controlled A/V rack. Receiver is in great shape and only has a few minor cosmetic scratch's. Includes remote, calibration microphone, and wifi antennas. Shipping included in price (lower 48 states US) ----------------------------------...
    $400 USD
  6. Audio Gear
    https://electronics.sony.com/audio/audio-components/av-receivers/p/strdh790 Dolby Atmos 5.1.2, DTS-X, HDR, DV, BT, DSD, eARC, 4K 60 4:4:4 AVR is in excellent condition and functions 100%, no issues, only selling due to needing an HDMI 2.1 (40/48G) equipped AVR for media/game room. Comes in...
    $280 USD
  7. Audio Gear
    This VSX-LX303 is in excellent condition. Comes with original power cord, remote, calibration mic, and AM/FM Tuner. Will be double-boxed and shipped in original box. Buyer pays shipping CONUS, zip 56031
    $250 USD
  8. Video Source Items
    I picked up this first gen 32GB Apple TV 4K to pair with an open box TV I got during Black Friday. Unfortunately the TV is defective and going back so I now have an extra ATV4K with three years of AppleCare+ coverage (end date: November 18, 2024). I did open and connect this guy to the new TV...
    $120 USD
  9. Networking, Media Servers & Content Streaming
    I just purchased a new Lg C1 and Denon AVR-X1700 for Christmas. I run a Plex server on my wired PC and run all media through a wired 2017 Nvidia Shield. So my flow goes PC Plex server --> wired 2017 Shield --> AVR --> TV. I have some back-ups of purchased Dolby Vision titles in MKV format on my...
  10. Networking, Media Servers & Content Streaming
    I've done hours of research on BDMV/ISO playback of Dolby Vision content. I hope this is useful to someone. Dune HD Real Vision 4K - $200ish "Chinoppo" Oppo clones - M9201 Player (around $500) Zidoo Z9X (or other Zidoo?) Sony UBP-X700 - unclear if BDMV folders can be played as original discs...
  11. OLED Technology and Flat Panels General
    So I just placed my order for an OLED65B7V through an LG program I have through work so I thought I'd start THE thread. Having read the Forbes review of the W7 and seen the difference in price on the Sony A1 I can't imagine the Sony will be good enough to make it worth paying the extra, so it's...
  12. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    I am looking for a 1x4 HDMI splitter that will pass all of the latest audio and video (4K, not 8K) standards to the AVRs connected. Does anyone know of a specific product that can do that?
  13. Networking, Media Servers & Content Streaming
    I need a sanity check. I can't tell if I'm going crazy or is it the Apple TV unit I just bought. I went to the settings to ensure the 4:4:4 as well as Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. For whatever reason the Apple TV device keeps saying it can't do it for some reason. I've ensure the cables are...
  14. Networking, Media Servers & Content Streaming
    Hello, After recent updates for Apple TV and Disney+ app for apple TV I've noticed the following. Dolby Vision (DV) support logo in the main title screen for any title that used to indicate DV support is now only indicating HDR10. The title in fact plays in DV when streaming, indication by...
  15. Networking, Media Servers & Content Streaming
    The latest model in the Vision serie...I am curious....Please share your experience...(y)
  16. Networking, Media Servers & Content Streaming
    Can someone give an updated list with all the streaming services that support Dolby Vision or Dolby Atmos or both. Any help will be appreciated.
  17. High Dynamic Range (HDR) & Wide Color Gamut (WCG)
    Hi everyone here is a video I made about HDR You will find here some theories and practise. There is also an in-depth look at the creation of a 4 minutes sequence in HDR with a dolby vision workflow. It's available in HDR10 on youtube see the link below and also on my website lelabodejay.com in...
  18. Display Calibration
    Those who have calibrated recent Sony TVs may have observed that DoVi Dark mode shifts the white point and introduces a yellow cast. (I own a X950H.) This has also been shown on certain YouTube review videos. I have a hypothesis, and would like Sony owners and experts to weigh in. Recall that...
  19. High Dynamic Range (HDR) & Wide Color Gamut (WCG)
    In comparison to home theatre ecosystems based on TVs, UHD Blu-ray, AVRs and streaming solutions, it's really disappointing that a package of modern audio-video features, including dynamic HDR, has been neglected, fragmented and delayed for PC and laptop users. Support for features and new tech...
1-20 of 224 Results