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  1. Dedicated Theater Design & Construction
    The Cinema Designer is a subscription cloud-based design tool that generates technically accurate home theater designs using software that incorporates the experience of Trinnov, makers of ultra high-end 32-channel AV processors. "Designing high channel count theatres for optimal results is...
  2. Screens
    Has anyone seen the Draper MS1000V screen? It was demoed at CEDIA 2013. Pros and cons? Any sparklies / sheen? How does it compete against SI Black Diamond 1.4? Info from Draper Inc
  3. Screens
    So im throwing a lower end projector and screen into my garage to use a few times a month to watch football or a UFC fight... I dont want to spend a ton on a manual pull down screen but is there a difference in quality between Elite and Draper screens? Both are about 80 bucks.
  4. Screens
    Need help! Here is what I have currently... 110" Dalite Pull down HP (I think its 2.8 or 2.4 gain) Model C and Epson 6500UB. I have the projector hanging down the ceiling with extensions not quite at eye level but a 12 to 18 inches above my head. My throw is about 16.5' feet. I want to...
  5. Screens
    Has anyone compared these 3 screens as far as hotspotting and texture/sparklies goes? The SN23-23 must have some texture and hotspotting. I´ve seen a Firehawk G3 and I noticed a bit of sparklies. Is the SST material better(very similar specs to the ReactII)?