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  1. Front Projector
    Hello everyone, looking to sell my RS1 and DVDO Duo as a complete set. Once I used it with CalMan to auto-calibrate the picture, the results were absolutely amazing with even Apple TV streaming looking very good with the DUO's CMS (Not 3D LUT but still very phenomenal). Little details on each...
  2. Video Source Items
    Hi! I would like to buy an used but perfectly working DVDO AVLab TPG 4k Test Pattern Generator. Ships to Hungary Price:~400-600 USD
  3. Video Processors
    Hi. My netbook's HDD blew up lol some time ago...taking with it the aforementioned .abt file. Does anyone have it and can PM (or email) it to me, please? Thanks in advance.
  4. This and That
    Hello I'm selling TV calibration package below. All used for about 2 Years and has excellent condition. Price is $2,000 all together. I'm living in Toronto. Software Calman for Business Expert (Retail- $1,495) Pattern Generator DVDO AVLab TPG HDMI 4K Ultra HD Pattern Generator...
  5. Video Processors
    I have an original run Edge. Was a beta tester back in the day, grew to know Dale and the crew. Well - that was a LONG time ago. The Edge has been running perfectly - up until a couple weeks ago. At that point, it would lock up when I tried to select HDMI audio out. Pulling out the power...
  6. Video Processors
    The latest iScan processor provides VRS ClearView for upscaling to  UHD/4K  and enhancing less-than-perfect video. UHD/4K  TVs are quickly becoming mainstream as prices fall and manufacturers migrate UHD's higher pixel density to their mid-range and lower TVs. But most of the content being...
  7. Video Source Items
    I have for sale my DVDO VP30 HDMI Video processor. Very popular model, and a great video processor for CRT Projectors and even digital projectors. I used this with my NEC XG1100 and it performed flawlessly. It does an excellent job of scaling as well. Selling it for $150 SHIPPED in USA...
  8. Remote Control Area
    I just purchased a DVDO iScan Duo video processor, and I am looking for feedbacks. I would welcome any help in learning how to create one, and I'll share with the forum. Any help is appreciated.
  9. Latest Industry News
       More AVS CEDIA Coverage See Scott Wilkinson in conversation with:   Joe Kane Theo Kalomirakis Anthony Grimani Gregg Loewen Dennis Erskine Logitech Bryston Da-Lite Onkyo Screen Innovations DVDO Epson Kordz JVC Darbee CasaTunes Harman Monoprice Laurie Fincham David Abrams...
  10. What's Your System Configuration
     The shadow knows... At the request of several members, I'm taking a stab at starting a thread for my system. I have only a 2-channel setup which handles both video and audio, in a room that's 14' x 18'5" or so. The system is in a state of flux as I begin, but I hope the final config will...
1-10 of 10 Results