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  1. Subwoofers, Bass, and Transducers
    I have a subwoofer which hums. I have tried various scenarios to see where the hum is coming from. I'd like some help with a cause and solution. Cable in question is a coaxial rca cable. Gain of subwoofer is at 50% during test. Hum is audible until around 25% gain. No Hum Off...
  2. General Home Theater & Media/Game Rooms
  3. General Home Theater & Media/Game Rooms
    I am building a riser in my basement on top of carpet. I can't seem to find the best method which to power my seating on both raiser and the ground level seating. The riser will be up against the wall (coincidentally by the breaker box) near two wall outlets. Is it safe to run an extension cord...
1-3 of 3 Results