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  1. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    I just bought a pair of B&W CM5's and I was thinking of getting the SVS SB-1000 to go along with them. But now I am thinking I should wait on the SUB and go with something new to drive the CM5's with. I currently have an older Yamaha 2-Channel Amp (AX-592, 100 x 2 RMS) that I bought over 10...
  2. Speakers
    After listening to the $30,000 setup at Magnolia and coming home to my Polk Monitor's, I almost cried. So now I'm trying to bridge the gap, well, sort of. Would the AC4L Focal Chorus floorstanders and the center be a noticeable upgrade from my Monitor 75T's? Probably 50/50 HT/music, as I have...
  3. 2-Channel Audio
    Currently I'm playing music through two Polk R300's powered by an old Sony STR-DE425. I managed to get the Polk R300's during a sale for $49 each, when normally they are priced around $199. With that being said, I'm looking to improve my music experience and I am having a bit of a struggle with...
1-4 of 4 Results