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energy esw m8 na 1200 watt subwoofer

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    Which would you choose? I like tight clear base 1. Infinity Primus PS410 ($150) 2. Klipsch RPW-10 ($160) Please dont refer others as these are the only 2 I can choose from right now.
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     Energy ESW-M8 63% OFF | MSRP: $800 Free Shipping
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     http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16882269022 Seems like a good deal, I'm no audiophile so if im posting crap feel free to flame me
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    I've often seen requests from people who are looking to purchase budget subwoofers. You can count me among those who tries to respond and help those folks out, but after replying to the hundredth such question I got to thinking; exactly how many companies are out their making budget subs...
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    Mine doesn't seem to shut off as the manual states. It just sort of pulses on and off. Debating whether or not I should return this unit. I also tried calling their support department but I got some generic voicemail that doesn't even say I'm calling Energy Speakers. Weird.
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    Hey guys I'm interested in exporting 2x of these subs to europe, because the cost of the shipping i was opting to 1 of these 2 since they are both very light in weight and i getting something with more than 40lbs weight would makes the order MUCH more expensive (polk is dual voltage as...