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  1. Speakers
    I have a 7.1 set up and will be upgrading to Atmos soon. I want to get a pair of rear speakers to replace the Polk Audio speakers I now have there. One of them is blown and I need a stronger pair. My fronts are Polk Audio, so looking at Polks for the rear speakers, too, though open to other...
  2. Speakers
    (2) C-500 tower speakers (2) C-50 rear (1) C-C100 center (1) S8.3 sub 375$ They are supposed to be around 4 years of age. I think even if their remaining life is short, that this is a good price. However this would be my first ever home theater speaker purchase and it's all very...
  3. Speakers
    The center channel speaker for my Energy RC-micro setup burned out (has no sound so I supposed it's burned out ). Can someone recommend a good budget center channel speaker for my setup? How about the Polk Audio 15c center channel speaker? The receiver is Onkyo HT-RC260. TIA, Newbie
  4. Speakers
    Unless I missed it I have noticed there is no thread for Energy owners so I thought I'd start one. Just a place to discuss information about what line of speakers you have, what you use them for (ie music, HT etc) and what system you match them with. Its also great to hear about the different...
1-4 of 4 Results