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  1. Subwoofers, Bass, and Transducers
    So, I advertised my two Empire subs on Craigslist and was amazed at the interest expressed - I promised them to the first responder for $700.00 for both of them. I was surprised at the comments that I should have charged more and even had a couple of folks offer me over a 1K but a promise is a...
  2. Subwoofers, Bass, and Transducers
    With Epik officially going belly up, and to temper my insatiable appetite for an upgrade, I’m thinking about selling my Empire and replacing it with two different size Rythmic subs. I could go with matching F12s but I worry that I’d be losing output coming from two 15” woofers. I could fit a...
  3. Subwoofers, Bass, and Transducers
    Click to download ULF Calculator V19.3 Example ULF Card Latest ULF Calculator Updates: March 29th, 2015 Separated the Member ULF Score Data into its own file b/c ULF Calculator exceeded upload limits. February 1st, 2015 Fixed rounding issue when adding multiple subs. No rounding exists...
1-3 of 3 Results