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  1. Digital Projectors - Under $3,000 USD MSRP
    Hi, I have an Onkyo receiver (NRTX717) that I've used for 5 years with my Epson 3020e (using the HDMI wireless connection from the receiver to the projector) until the audio chip inside it went out yesterday (known issue with the Onkyo). So, for now, I've reverted to connecting an HDMI...
  2. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    I have an Epson Projector connected to a Pioneer receiver via a high speed HDMI cable about 25 feet long. After operating about 3 months, the Pioneer receiver HDMI light started blinking and the reciever stopped working. I bought a second Pioneer receiver while the first was being repaired...
  3. Digital Projectors - Under $3,000 USD MSRP
    I have found this forum a valuable resource and often with so many opinion here - I have found it confusing on what I should pick as my sole and primary projector. I know - choices, choices and choices. I do feel fortunate that we can get some great quality pictures now and maintain a really...
1-3 of 3 Results