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  1. Remote Control Area
    Hi all, First post here. Working on a cut sheet if you will on Extron Pinouts to various ends for RS232 control. Looking for verification feedback. Please see the attached sheet. Thank you and looking forward to responses. GinoB
  2. Home A/V Distribution
    I've got a bunch of Extron TLP350 touch screens and an IPLink TS2 that I want to use to control my RS232 serial interfaced tuner. I have a list of all of the tuner commands, as well as the Extron Global Configurator software and GUI Configurator software. The driver subscriptions are set up in...
  3. Video Processors
    Extron - Anyone have firmware uploader software ? Or an Extron account ? Hi, I have an EXTRON DSC 301 HD, it works very well but I would like to upgrade it with the new firmware. In the Extron website, I can download the firmware but not the software for upload it, need to have a reseller...
  4. Remote Control Area
    I apologize if this is seen as a trivial question, but I am new to working with Extron equipment and I am having a really hard time finding support for this question. What I am having issues with is accessing the touch panel control via web interface. Since we service multiple campuses across...
  5. General Gaming Help
    Hi there guys, a newbie here. Im thinking about getting a video scaler for my vintage consoles ( nes, snes, n64). Since I live in Mexico and Im on a budget expensive high end scalers like the xrgb mini and such are not a viable option for me. I just found this cheap one Extron IN 1502 ( cant...
  6. Front Projector
    Free ECP 4500 CRT Projector, Extron box, HD Fury, and cables Free to a good home! I am moving across country and have sadly decided to not take my projector with me :-( This is my CRT projector from my home theater that has served me very well. The blue tube shows a little wear. I've been...
1-6 of 8 Results