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  1. Networking, Media Servers & Content Streaming
    I started using my system in November and everything worked fine until about January, when all of a sudden I noticed I was not getting any Dolby Atmos support on certain apps (Netflix and Tidal). It was working fine up until that moment and I am able to get Atmos support on the HBO Max streaming...
  2. Remote Control Area
    Hoping you can help me figure this out, finally. I have HDMI-CEC on my LG TV, Anthem AVR, and Fire TV Cube. Goal is to power on all 3 at once. To do this, which devices need HDMI-CEC on? In the Cube's menu, I went to "Add Equipment" and added the TV (no option for AVR). I do have an old Harmony...
  3. Great Found Deals
    Amazon fire TV Stick 4K provides a fast, easy way to add 4K streaming to your TV. It even includes a voice remote with Alexa. Looking for simple way to add 4K streaming to your TV? Check out this deal on the Amazon Fire TV stick 4K , now available for $24.99 to Amazon Prime members...
  4. Networking, Media Servers & Content Streaming
    I've looked around for specs on the IR port for the Fire TV cube but came up empty. I have a Xantech 79144 and was hoping I could connect the IR out of the Cube to the connecting block to distribute IR to my equipment in my basement. Has anyone done the same or have any advice?
1-4 of 4 Results