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  1. Audio Gear
    New in box pair. Okay to ship via Fedex. Shipping is ~$300/pr. Retail is $7500/pr
    $4,850 USD
  2. Speakers
    I have a setup in my room that is 12 speakers and 2 subs(one 8, one 12). The thing is none of my speakers are super great quality and I want to sell all of them along with my subs and start fresh. Right now I am running all my speakers off of 2 receivers and have 2 little active edifier's. I'm...
  3. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    Hey everyone! I need some help. I love my vinyl, cds and cassettes and recently was given a Pioneer SX-301 which is a 70watt per channel receiver. I hooked it up to two Pioneer S-H452F-K floor speakers which are 100watt and sound awesome in the A channel. However, if I plug two bookshelf...
  4. Speakers
    A note on the poll: I deliberately omitted an “it depends“ option because I don’t want to invite comparisons between $20,000 stand-mounted speakers and $2,000 floorstanders. For the sake of the poll, assume speakers of comparable quality. Also assume that both options include a subwoofer. For...
  5. Speakers
    Please help - Want to Buy Floor Standing Loudspeaker Hi Guys, Thanks for taking your time to read this. I am Nihir, from Vienna and I am very new to hi-fi system , And this will be my first Hi-fi set up which i am building up slowly. I have currently following :- TV - Samsung 4K 65" UHD -...
  6. Speakers
    So I am new to this form however have been reading a lot of amazing posts about home audio. The reason for me posting today is because I am trying to build a home audio system on a budget. I recently visited best buy to hear the klipsch quintet speakers because of their low cost and compact...
  7. Speakers
    Hello all, I am new here, and not an audio aficionado. What I have is a set of Fisher XP-16s that my father bought in probably the late 60's. I have had them for years with the hopes of restoring and using, but unfortunately I never have quite enough space for these massive speakers, so I'm...
1-8 of 8 Results