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  1. HDTV Programming
    For details on how to view the Super Bowl in 4K, see the first post in THIS THREAD. For all technical comments, please include the following: HD For viewing on Fox Broadcast Affiliates Include the CALL LETTERS and City of the affiliate you're watching and the means by which you're getting the...
  2. Networking, Media Servers & Content Streaming
    Can an upstart nonprofit called Locast succeed where the now defunct Aereo service failed and find a way to deliver local TV broadcasts over the Internet without incurring the wrath of the federal government, not to mention Comcast? Aeroe, for those who remember, claimed that it used arrays...
  3. High Dynamic Range (HDR) & Wide Color Gamut (WCG)
    On a recent trip to L.A., I had the opportunity to join a cadre of respected journalists for a tour of the Fox Innovation Lab as well as Fox Studios . It was part of a larger three-day tour that also included visits to Nanosys, one of the foremost quantum-dot companies, and a pair of Samsung...
1-3 of 3 Results