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  1. Valencia Theater Seating
    Ever wonder why you're drawn to a particular theater seat style?? 🤩 Read our latest blog post and find out why! 😎 https://valenciatheaterseating.com/10-valencia-theater-seating-styles-what-your-favorite-says-about-you/
  2. Accessories
    Custom Home Theater stage with screen - $999 (Sacramento, CA) Price dropped to $999. Selling my custom theater stage. The basic dimensions: 9' 9.5" x 4' x any height you need. Art Deco style woodworking, acoustically dead (very very dead), 115" acoustically transparent and removable Elite...
  3. Accessories
    BDI Avion Quad Wide TV / Home Theater Stand for sale 70-90" TVs - Los Angeles This is an extremely high end piece of furniture for the big screen TV owner that can't find a quality piece of furniture at Ikea, Living Spaces, etc. It can probably fit an 85" TV before it starts to hang over the...
  4. Dedicated Theater Design & Construction
    Hey guys, I was wondering if someone could help me find a shelf similar to the one I saw on this Amazon review. I really liked the style of this one with the glass and the black and stainless steel look. Thanks for your help guys. Really appreciate it.
  5. DIY Speakers and Subs
    Down Firing Sub Advice Apologies for double posting, this is also in the "Subwoofers, Bass, and Transducers" forum, but may get better response in this forum. I'm soliciting advice for a powered downward firing sub build. I would like to use a plate amp to keep things...
  6. Subwoofers, Bass, and Transducers
    I'm soliciting advice for a powered downward firing sub build. I would like to use a plate amp to keep things neat/tidy. This will be mated with a pair of Northcreek MTM Rhythms I built a few years back. I don't know much about modeling speakers, but can build anything. Are there some...
  7. Home Theater Gaming
    I'm looking for a piece of furniture that would sit next to my gaming chair to store: - 4 controllers (two XB1 and two PS4) - 2 remotes (Harmony and Roku) - 8 AA Eneloop batteries - Wireless keyboard Any furniture recommendations for something that can store all this?
  8. Accessories
    Standout Designs media center x72/702 - lowered price EDIT: Decided to start with a lower price. 799 obo. Not sure why the title won't change.... Hello all, This is located in the Austin, TX area. I'm selling my Standout Designs media center. I really love the piece and would love to...
  9. Accessories
    SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey guys- I have my Salamander Synergy 237 cabinet available. Its in pretty good condition, aside from a few scratches here and there. It comes with 2 doors for the cabinets, and i have a bunch of drawers you can have as well. If you PM me, i'll give you more...
  10. Theater Room Items & Accessories
    On June 13, 2014, I ordered a sectional sofa made by Palliser from Sofas and Sectionals.com. My order consisted of a sofa component (seats 3), a loveseat component (seats 2), and a corner curve. I discussed extensively with the sales representative Rob Slayden by phone how I wanted the sectional...
  11. Accessories
    I have a "like new" StudioTech U-22T that we are selling. It comes with: -Heavy Duty Rolling Caster (URC-6) -StudioTech Ultra Series Fan Kit (RM-QTFP-2) -Studio Tech Rack Rails (RM-7) -StudioTech Media Storage (RM-D4) Here is a link to their website http://studiotech.com/ Here is a review...
1-12 of 14 Results