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  1. Samsung Odyssey 49" G9 Ultra-Wide 240 Hz G-SYNC QLED Monitor Review

    LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Get deep into your games with the ultimate immersive gaming monitor. The 49" Samsung Odyssey G9 QLED Ultra-Wide, fully G-SYNC & Freesync-compatible gaming monitor is a noteworthy showcase of Samsung's display technology. The ultra-wide viewpoint provides a tactical advantage while the brilliant...
  2. Samsung Odyssey 32G7 32” 240 Hz QLED Gaming Monitor Review

    LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Gaming monitors are hot category that continues to evolve at lightning speed. The Samsung 32G7 is a spectacular premium gaming monitor that offers 2560 x 1440 resolution, QLED display tech with HDR compatibility, a 240 Hz maximum refresh rate plus support for both Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync...
  3. Best Monitors for Working from Home & Gaming

    AVS Forum® Articles
    There has recently been an enormous surge in sales of PC monitors due to the need to work from home. If your work involves anything more than answering emails and simple web browsing, you are going to need a larger screen and what you find in a laptop. And if you want the best monitor for your...
  4. 2020 LG OLED CX-GX Owner's Thread + FAQ (Posts 1-6) - No Price Talk

    OLED Technology and Flat Panels General
    This thread is only for LG OLED TV models CX and GX. The thread dedicated to gaming with 2020 CX and GX models is here. Do you have problems with your panel uniformity, banding, or vignetting? The dedicated thread is here. The E series was not refreshed in 2020. The WX (Wallpaper), ZX...
  5. LG Announces NVIDIA G-Sync Support for E9 and C9 Series OLEDs

    OLED Technology and Flat Panels General
    Huge news for gamers from LG! the company has just announced that it will release a firmware update in the next few weeks that adds Nvidia G-Sync capability to its C9 and E9 OLEDs. The results will be smooth gaming with ultralow latency thanks to VRR (variable refresh rate) compatibility...
  6. Gaming TVs & Variable Refresh Rate: What You Need to Know

    AVS Forum® Articles
    In recent years, TVs have focused on gamers by reducing input lag and allowing for high refresh rates. As a result, monitors are no longer the only game in town when it comes to high-performance gaming displays. But until recently, there was one huge difference between TVs and dedicated gaming...