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  1. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
     OK, the firmware update only ran on XP. I was able to go through the whole process with no errors, AFW v, DSP 1.2.9. only problem is the unit will not go into standby any more have to hard power down.  Original problem, video switching stopped working.
  2. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    K the 354 needs to go, I want something the works with 3D and it never pics the right decoding when switching from my PS3 to my Xbox. I tried a highly rated mid-level ($500 on sale for $400) last year and it sounded considerably less detailed and worse than my HW also I realized that the...
  3. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
     Hi Guys,   Hoping for a little help with my HK AVR 354.   I can't seem to get any audio out of my front right channel.     --> I've tested to ensure this isn't a wiring/speaker issue by trying the right side speaker in the left channel output and it works fine.   --> I used an iPhone...
  4. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Hi Guys, I recently purchased a 65 Samsung F8000 and am wiring to my HK 354. Ideally I want to have all my Comcast, Blu Ray, Xbox, etc, go to the HDMI inputs on the TV and have the audio out to the receiver via optical. Question is do all the codecs like DTS pass through? Or would it be...
  5. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    This forum has really taught me a lot but I am still quite a newbie, so any help is appreciated. Just a little background. I moved my HT into the basement recently (WIP) and now want to setup a separate system in the den upstairs which will be mainly used for listening to music, at as high...
  6. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    Hey guys, Since the Owner's Thread is getting swamped with problems regarding the AVR 254 and 354 , I decided to open a new thread dedicated specifically to the problems and the possible solutions. If anyone can find other issues, PM or post in here and I'll try keep the first post updated...
1-6 of 6 Results