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hdmi matrix
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  1. Dedicated Theater Design & Construction
    I am trying to configure a multi-tv set up in my home and was hoping someone may be able to provide some input or pros/cons from experience. I have 3 TVs and I want to be able to distribute 5 unique video sources to these TVs (no screen splitting - only 3 video sources used at any given time)...
  2. Home A/V Distribution
    iRule controlled Dedicated Theater, Matrix fed video zones and whole house audio plan Hello All, I am ready to run some cable and want to plan my AV distribution. I am looking for advice on equipment selection, control plan and wiring plan. This is part of a finished basement with dedicated...
  3. Home A/V Distribution
    Hi All Thank you in advance for taking time to answer my question. I am moving to a new house and i wanted my AV system setup before i moved so here is what i am stuck with. I do plan on buying a 8x8 HDMI matrix switch but What kind of a receiver can handle this. And is there a AV receiver...
1-3 of 4 Results