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  1. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    We've decided to move to 4k with an LG OLED, so we're upgrading our Pioneer Elite SC-37, too. I'm not looking to start a brand war. Finding all of these receivers to audition isn't simple. I thought about staying with Pioneer, but something (maybe just a feeling) has told me to look elsewhere...
  2. Speakers
     ~~Need advice. Dialogue indistinct with current Boston Acoustic Center speaker 424v. Currently I have Have 2 Front Infinity Beta 40 Speakers. Any suggestions for a compatible Center speaker ? Here are the Infinity Beta 40 Specs: ~Driver configuration 3-way Woofer size (inches) 5.0 in, 1.0 in...
  3. Speakers
    OK back in 1999 in my parents house I bought a 5.1 system and got some Infinity Speakers for my bedroom. RS5 Floor Standing Speakers CC-3 Center Channel BU-80 Subwoofer QPS-1 Quadropole Surround Speakers 10 years later they still work fine and are hooked up to my current A/V system in my...
1-3 of 3 Results