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  1. Remote Control Area
    Hi all, As a partner of the Global Caché Strategic Alliance I have been working for nearly 10 years on software solutions that natively integrate this brand's units. GCLabs is one of them. It runs on Android devices and is free of use. It includes within the same interface, Global Caché's...
  2. Home A/V Distribution
    I am looking for a simple solution for my small church av setup in a classroom. I have an older ceiling mount Projector that is IR controlled with VGA connection to the wall. I have speakers but need a simple amp. I have a DVD player connected to the projector as well. With that said, I need a...
  3. Home Automation
    I'd like to be able to turn on my window AC remotely, so my apartment isn't 95° when I walk in. It's a Frigidaire FAH106R1T window AC with an IR remote. I need to control an IR emitter. Ability to turn on power remotely using something like Wemo won't do it, will just supply power to the AC...
1-3 of 3 Results