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  1. Speakers
    I'm designing a 12'x10' (8' ceiling) dedicated theater room and need speakers to wall mount underneath the projection screen. The problem is I will only have around 24-26" underneath the screen. However, I need to have some room below that because of light reflection off the bottom of the...
  2. Speakers
    I'm considering this series but haven't been able to find many user reviews here or elsewhere. Does anybody have experience with these? Also i found them priced fairly aggressively on a site called proaudiodealer.com, haven't found any feedback on the forum on these guys. Are they legit...
  3. Speakers
     Hi i am using onkyo 929 and looking for cinema speakers but i will listen blues and clasical music i think to buy jamo d600 thx has anyone there who is using this speakers or has anyone ever listened the speakers anywhere ?
1-3 of 3 Results