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  1. Speakers
    I've currently got a set of JBL ES 20's that I use as left and right front speakers with an ES 25C center channel. Can I replace the 25C with an ES 80 or will it be too different from the ES 20's to make for smooth panning? Of course it will be behind an AT screen.
  2. Speakers
     I am not trying to be cheap but I am also trying to get the best sound for the dollar. I have read the review for the following speakers and my local Best Buy store does not have all of these so I was curious what the different opinions are of these? Klipsch B-20 Polk Audio 45B JBL ES320...
  3. Speakers
     Hi All,    I'm sure that people post this exact question a million and one times on this forum, but here it goes again. Here is some background information:   1.) Living room space is roughly 15' x 15'. It's flanked on the right by a foyer ( 6' x 15'), which is connected by an opening...
  4. Dedicated Theater Design & Construction
    I'm now planning out my dedicated home theater. As with many spaces here, I'm trying to maximize what I have, not do a megabuild project. My current speaker lineup are JBL ES20 for the front right and left, JBL ES25C center channel and JBL ES 250 subwoofer. My dilemna is that my space is fairly...
1-4 of 4 Results