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  1. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    Hello all, I am a newbie to this forum and also a proud new owner of a pair of JBL Loft 50 250-Watt Tower Speakers. I got these recently at a fantastic price, and will be moving away from my mid-tier soundbar (Klipsch Iconduo). My current setup is as follows: 1. Panasonic Viera Plasma 50" TV...
  2. Speakers
    I have a 3.1 setup with NHT SuperZero/SuperCenter 2.1, with an SVS SB1000 to help with the bass. For the NHT bookshelf's, my room is fairly large: 12x22, connected to the kitchen, so effectively 12x32; and I can't put my setup along the short edge. Despite those, I'm pretty happy with what the...
  3. Speakers
    Hi everyone, my first post here. Setting up a Home Theater (finally). Here is the config thus far Yamaha 675 Receiver Studio 120 Center Channel JBL ES 80s for Rear Speakers BIC America 12" Sub The DILEMMA is now for the front speakers. Am majorly split between STUDIO 190 vs Definitive...
1-3 of 3 Results