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  1. Speakers
     Well new to me, bought Nathan's ( N8DOGG ) 212HT-Lp off him and picked them up tonight!!  Next step is to get a hold of Jeff and get a matching centre speaker ordered, being trying for a week he's a tough guy to get a hold of thats for sure. Still have to decide if I should spend an extra 4...
  2. Speakers
    Guys, these two speakers seem very similar to me. All things being equal, which of these two would you prefer for LCR duty and why? Bonus question - how about the JBL 8340a vs Klipsch KPT-8001 for surround duty? Any advice would be appreciated. -David
  3. What's Your System Configuration
    WAY overdue update as of 1/18/22 -Swapped my dinosaur receiver (Denon 4311ci) for a Marantz 7705 processor. Excited to finally move to separates, sound is awesome with a very low noise floor. HEOS is pretty cool to play with as well. -Along with the new processor, finally added atmos speakers...
1-3 of 3 Results