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  1. Speakers
     Looking for ideas as to what would be an improvement over my mirage omni60 bookshelf speakers. I am trying out a pair of focal chorus 806v speakers from music direct. So far there not really much of an improvement, a little bit, but not much, maybe because there new yet, they need some time to...
  2. Speakers
    I wanna get the best setup possible for the money.I'm not a audiophile so I have nothing to compare speakers to since everything will sound better then my TVs speakers. I dont wanna be cheap n catch the upgrade bug months later . the speakers will be used for 60%movies 30%gaming 10%music. Room...
  3. Speakers
    Room: 22'w X 25'd x 10'h, large open floor plan that also includes kitchen & dining room within these dimensions. There is a large 14'd X 9'h opening along the left side of the living area that goes into the entryway, 2 hallways, & a study. Center listening position is 10' away, & listening...
1-4 of 4 Results