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  1. 2019 C9–E9 Owner's Thread (No Price Talk)

    OLED Technology and Flat Panels General
    2019 LG C9–E9 Owner's Thread (No Price Talk) Order placed on a 65" C9–my first OLED and first to HDMI 2.1. :D Hope to have it in about a week. HERE. WE. GO. More Info: OFFICIAL" 2019 LG C9 Consolidated Info, FAQ, Troubleshooting, Firmware & more...
  2. Netflix Judder on Windows 10 App

    Home Theater Computers
    I'm getting really bad judder streaming HD content from Netflix on my HTPC via Windows 10 app. Feels like I'm getting 20fps or so. Refresh rate on the TV set to 23Hz as it should be for HD content. Network speeds are 60Mbps download/10 upload. PC hardware includes 4790K CPU and 980Ti GPU...
  3. Any TVs with 48Hz refresh rate for movies

    LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Rtings.com reports all 60Hz panel TVs to have judder when displaying 24 fps movies. I wonder if it is possible to slow the refresh rate of the panel to 48Hz and display the 24 fps moves without judder. LG claims "Real Cinema 24p" for the 55UF7600 (60Hz panel). Anyone knows what real cinema 24p is?
  4. HTPC 1080p video judder HD6850 on UHD TV

    Home Theater Computers
    HTPC 1080p video judder HD6850 on UHD TV AM2 5000+ Black Edition (Windows Vista 32 Ultimate) Sapphire HD 6850 (Catalyst) 4gb ddr2 800 dual channel kit Hi everyone. I'm a mildly experienced diy enthusiast with very limited experience in video card and HDTV fine tuning. I rarely delve into the...
  5. Cant stand plasma judder. Are DLP projector better for gaming ?

    Home Theater Gaming
    Hey there, Just bought a brand new Samsung Plasma f5500 (60") and cant be happier with image quality. I bought that for gaming (90% of usage) and some movies here and there (10%). I went plasma for image quality and mainly motion handling for games to get rid of most motion blur. Since a month...