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  1. Speakers
    Hey - so after a recent post on this forum I was advised to work over my room for acoustic correction before making any moves toward a sound system. I have done that and am posting here to get suggestions for shortlisting a speaker package (Reflected in edited first post and thread header)...
  2. Speakers
    I am looking for speakers for my 2 channel stereo system in my 425 sq foot studio apartment, I like a warm sound with a full sounds stage. This is for music only. I already have a class D receiver that I love. I like the highs to be soft and not hard and harsh. I was looking at these JBL's...
  3. Audio Gear
    Hi, I purchased these in March from Accessories4less. Wonderful speakers but my huge room (28' x 21' with 25' ceiling) turned out to be too much for them, so they were replaced by Ascend CMT-340 SE. At most they were played for 30 hours, not even 'broken in' While purchased from A4L, there...
  4. Speakers
    Please recommend the best stands for Q300 as fronts (probably at 30 inch) and Q100 as rears (~30-36 inch) I googled for images but then realized that the stands also affect the sound quality.
  5. Speakers
    Howdy, all. Was looking at the Kef Christmas deals, and for the same price as 2 Q300s and a sub, I could get the FiveTwo Model 11s, plus a kube subwoofer. I already have surround speakers, mounted in the walls, so I don't really need the faux-surround. So do the FiveTwo speakers, for music...
1-5 of 5 Results