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  1. Audio Theory, Setup, and Chat
    I recently purchased the Kef T105 and while the T-2 sub is nice, I was considering swapping in a more powerful sub to give more chest thumping bass. I was thinking about the SVS PC12-NSD or maybe the power sound audio XV-15. How would these work with my T101 satellites? I would imagine this...
  2. Speakers
    So... the story goes, that I had my nice Kef setup (Q200C, Q500 fronts, T101 rears), all sounding great. But I have a west facing bay window, that let in so much sunlight, it made watching TV or using my projector during the day, quite unpleasant. So I bought some blackout lined curtains, which...
  3. Speakers
     Im scheduled to purchase either of these tomorrow and would like to get some advice negative or positive from owners or  researchers on the two to help me make my selection. My HT is only 14x20 and i am pairing them with some polk in-walls that I have for surrounds and surround backs and a BIC...
1-3 of 5 Results