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  1. General Home Theater & Media/Game Rooms
     Hi Forum members I have lurked over the years but finally actually could afford a project of my own.   We just installed a 5.1 system in the downstairs family room with Klipsch 5800 speakers and a Denon 4000 AV receiver.  Unfortunately there is a decent amount of voice and music that gets...
  2. Speakers
    With my Denon 3312ci @125 watts per channel, will the rc-62ii at 150 rms function properly? I am investigating external amping, but don't want to get anything without knowing.
  3. Speakers
    I use a couple of RB-61iis now as my mains. I like them but would like a bit more output. The center now is a RB-52ii. It does sound pretty good but I could use a more of the same there also so I ordered myself a RB-62ii. I had the idea of using three RC-62iis across the front because of...
  4. Speakers
    is the rc-62ii worth the big price increase over the rc-52ii the rc-52ii would have a much better WAF but I would rather be sure to have a speaker i will not need to up grade again I now have a jbl es center I am guessing both would be a much better center over what I have now my mains are...
1-5 of 5 Results