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  1. Speakers
     My friend's father passed away and is selling a pair of  Klipsch RB-51 in perfect condition for $120.  Is this a reasonable deal?
  2. Speakers
     I'm in the process of finalizing my 5.1 HT purchase, I'm looking at RF82 mains, RC52 center, RB51 Surround, HSU 15 for sub...   The oddity to me is the center channel. Why is the roll of so high on these, and pretty much all center channel speakers on the market? Do they rely on the sub so...
  3. Speakers
     Hello to all, I'm upgrading my HT system and I need to choose new front speakers. I would like to know if anyone compared the Klipsch RB51,  KEF Q100 or the Monitor Audio RX1. The use of it will be 50% music and 50% films. My receiver is a Pioneer VSX-920.   Thanks!
  4. Speakers
     Hi,   My budget is $2k to $2.5k and I would like to replace an old Bose Lifestyle system, reading reviews etc... it seems that best way to go is a seperate receiver and speaker system. From my current research it seems that the most important part of the equation is speakers, I'm looking for...
  5. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    Hello, I'm very new to AV and just bought a NIB Klipsch Reference series bookshelf speaker pair and a brand new Yamaha Aventage RXA 1030. While some stuff sounds ok, certain things sound just terrible (lotta HISS) and nothing sounds fantastic. The settings options overwhelm me and I don't...
  6. Speakers
     Which of these speakers produce better quality sound for watching movies and sports on TV for a living room scenario.   1) Klipsch Reference RB51/RB61 speakers 2) Pioneer BS22 speakers 3) Bose Acoustimass 10 speakers   Would appreciate any comments
  7. Speakers
    Does anyone have any recommendations for wall mounting RB-51 and RS-42's? Low cost mounts preferred.
1-7 of 7 Results