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  1. Speakers
    I friend of mine would like to improve his HT from his current TV speaker to a 5.1 Ch system. His budget is $2000. I put together a package that would allow him to upgrade in the future. The system is based around the Onkyo TX-NR 818 7.2. List of components: L&R Ch. Klipsch RF-42 II $300 ea...
  2. Speakers
     Hi everyone I Currently Own a onkyo tx sr805... Looking to upgrade within the next six months or so (receiver and speakers). I really dont know much about speakers and I'm trying to upgrade my Polk monitor 70s. I want a beginners high-end system.... If that makes sense lol.. I honesty have no...
  3. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    HI All, Creating my man cave in newly purchased house. It will be 70% Playstation console gaming and 30% movies, 1% music Room is small at 12 x 13 feet (4 x 4.3 meters) it has sliding door to outside on one side and closet on the other so I'm kinda limited to the sound setup and projector...
1-4 of 4 Results