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  1. Speakers
    Reciever: Yamaha RX-A3030 or Pioneer SC-LX87 Speakers: Klipsch: Front: RF62 II Center: RC52 II Rear: RB51 II Sub: SW112 Focal: Front: Chorus 726 Center: CC700 Rear: 706 Sub: SW700 Room: 4.05m x 8.55m (13.2ft x 28ft) with marble flooring. The long wall is edge to edge, floor to ceiling...
  2. Speakers
     I am planning to take Klipsch rf 62, dealer recommending Denon X2000 (95w per channel). But i am interested in 5.1 channel. Will Denon x1000 (80w per channel) sufficient to drive klipsch rf -62 speakers? Can some body help in this case ?   Thanks a lot.
  3. General Home Theater & Media/Game Rooms
    I live in a newly constructed condo, it's more of a townhouse/row housing design. My building has 3 condo units and I'm on the end. I have one shared wall with the neighbor who is in the middle of the building. There are three floors including the basement which is cement foundation with cement...
  4. Speakers
    Dear Members My first post and i m very new to AV world. like to tell you the backgroud before i go to the actual question. Purchase 2 months back BOSE AM-10 as others do due to their marketing. after few days i thought there is something wrong in my ear or the system has problem. Started...
  5. Speakers
    If you've had the opportunity to have a listen to Adam Audio's powered monitors and Classic Series of speakers..... you'd be as excited as I am to have an opportunity to listen to this new series offered by Adam Audio: Grand Theater Components. Here is a recent review for the GTC 77...
1-5 of 5 Results