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klipsch rf 7 ii reference series floorstanding loudspeaker pair cherry
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     from another Forum, don't know if he posts here... I have NO Affiliation with the vendor.
  2. Speakers
    Hi So i made up my mind, and since i just bough a Klispch THX Ultra 2 7.2 Set for my dedicated Home Theatre. Now in my living room where i also like to watch movies i had Klipsch Reference RF-7 II (Front); RC-64 (Center; RF-82 II (Back); SW-115 (Subwoofer). I sold my system to help me out...
  3. Speakers
    I am considering these two speakers but I'm not sure if the RF-7 II will be too much for my current set-up. I have a large room, about 8mx6m, with hardwood floors, and only part of the room is being used as the viewing/listening area. I have a BK XXLS400 sub and an Onkyo TX-NR708 receiver rated...
  4. Speakers
    Hi all, I know this question has been beaten to death over the past few decades however I was interested in seeing peoples experience specific to the RF7ii on this subject. I have scoured the forums to no avail of finding a similar thread; so if one already exists I really suck at searching...
  5. Speakers
    it really doesn't say anything in the manual about the optimal distance. I looked through the Palladium series manual and Klipsch were very specific for that line that they needed to be a minimum 8 inches off the back wall and minimum 12 inches off of the side wall. So i'm not sure whether to...
  6. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    I'm looking for a Receiver or Pre/Pro in a price range of approx $1500 that will work well with my Adcom GFA-7705 Amp and Klipsch RF-7 II (Latest Model). Currently my system consists of: Yamaha RX-v3300 Receiver used as a Pre/Pro Amplifer - Adcom GFA7705 5 channel amp (200 [email protected] x 5)...
1-12 of 12 Results