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  1. Speakers
    I am currently using the Klipsch RF-7 for my front right and left in my 9.1 setup and I am purchasing a single RF-7 II for my center channel. I understand that the crossovers were changed between the RF-7 and RF-7 II so I was wondering what you suggest I do to integrate the RF-7 II into my setup.
  2. Speakers
    Center Speaker" RC-7, RF-7s LR. Emotiva Pre/Pro and Power Amp. RC-7 now 6-7 years old. I have problems with the 5.1 SQ from my center speaker, especially on DirecTV, sometimes on other sources. Especially evident on "live" programs such as NFL games, newscasts, etc. The sound is "grainy"...
  3. Speakers
    Hey everyone! I currently have the rti a9's happy with them, but wanted some input whether the klipsch rf 7 would be a substantial upgrade? Im powering the a9s with an emotiva xpa 2. Ive had the a9s about 5 years. What do you guys think? Are they that much better?? thanks for your opinions.
  4. Speakers
     ok people as stated in title im a newbie so pretty much clueless lol.. ive been on here a while trying to get a solid plan and have pretty much narrowed my future setup down but would like some info from fellow members who have experience with any of my ideas and any thoughts are welcome!!! ...
  5. Speakers
    Hello guys and possible gals. What do you all think of the Jade Series; particularly the Jade 7 towers, C2 center channel, and SR1 surrounds? Are these comparable to say the Revel Performa3 F208, PSB Imagine T2, and KEF R900 series with matching center and surrounds? They appear to be very well...
  6. Dedicated Theater Design & Construction
     Hello, Long, Long, Long time lurker (seldom poster) here ready with my very own (finally) dedicated build thread. My name is Steve, obviously, and I was given the nickname "Scuba" back in the day when I worked a the aforementioned A/V store at the release of Adam Sandlar's "Big Daddy"...
1-8 of 8 Results