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  1. Soundbars
    Hi gang, I'm located here in the states and wondering if anyone can suggest a sound bar for me? I plan on hooking it up to a LG 55LE5500 and would love if it was a LG brand, since I'm considering purchasing a LG BD player and would love to have one remote to control them. I was originally...
  2. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    LG 55" 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV 55LK530 Anyone know if the LG xxLK530 series use IPS panels like the former xxLD520 and the xxLK520 series did and some mixed with a panel lottery of PVA's?
  3. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Not really sure where to post this, so I figured I'd start here. I've had my LG55LE5500 for about a year and a half now. About a year ago, I had a Playstation 3 hooked up to it with no issues at all. A few months after that, I got rid of the PS3 and just picked up another one (new) this...
1-3 of 3 Results