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  1. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Is there any way, I can use a keyboard and or mouse on this TV...either wireless or cabled? I hate using the hunt and peck method of entering data and the smart wand is worthless, as far as I am concerned. My oldest son gave me an Rii-MWK01 for Christmas...I really like what can be done with...
  2. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Hi all, Believe this may be a generic issue? My LG 55LW5600 TV is having issues with ARC and my Denon AVR-591. My cable and Blu-Ray player are connected via HDMI to my Denon and speaker system. TV is connected to Denon via ARC. I am using ARC HDMI out on Denon connected to HDMI1 on the LG...
  3. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    I am looking to purchase a new tv to enhance my gaming in fps games mainly call of duty. I usually played on my sony 40s5100 which is generally ok, I notice serious lag with my LG 55 lw5600 and I loved using my Sony 40v2500 but that I left in NY. I recently visited my parents and I used their...
  4. Remote Control Area
    I have a Panasonic blu-ray player DMP-BD75 and an LG TV 55LW5600. Is there a code to make the Panasonic remote control run the LG TV basic functions?
1-5 of 5 Results