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  1. Plasma Flat Panel Displays
     Ok, this week I'm going to be returning my third tv in less than a year. The problem? I hate motion blur. No, I HATE motion blur. It's annoying as hell. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to this. First TV was a Toshiba, wasn't too bad but when watched from the sides it looked WAY to bright...
  2. Plasma Flat Panel Displays
    I am looking for something between 40" and 46". I read the scientifics for the Samsung . Has anyone seen and calibrated the LG and the Samsung? Which one produces deeper blacks, brighter whites, and richer colors? The Panasonic TC-P42X60 720p plasma's scientifics weren't as good as the...
  3. Plasma Flat Panel Displays
     Hi guys,   This is my first post here on avs.   I recently bought a 720p 50" LG (50pn4500) for a very good price a few weeks ago.   I bought it before reading about the Panasonic s60.   My needs in an hdtv are primarily watching sports and gaming on my 360.   The LG I bought for the...
1-3 of 3 Results