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  1. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
     I recently purchased a Yamaha RX-V475. I have:   LG 55” LN5400. ATT Cable box Samsung HT 5300 BD/DVD player.   Setup:   ATT Cable Box is attached to the TV by HDMI and the ATT's Optical Cable is attached into Yamaha's AV4. Samsung is attached to the Yamaha in HDMI 1. An HDMI comes out...
  2. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Due to a refund on my 2011 Panasonic TCP-55GT30 I am now in the market for a new TV. I am used to DLP and Plasma and am very sensitive to SOE. Here are the options I have due to getting store credit. Any suggestions please would be helpful. As much as I loved all the features I read on the LG...
  3. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    I have a 120hz 52" LCD, a Samsung LN 52A650, that was released on April, 2008. On Black Friday, on a whim, I decided to buy a doorbuster 55" LED at Best Buy. The LG 50LN5100, which is a just feature stripped down version of the LG 55LN5400 (a mid tier set among LG's lineup). I thought in 5...
  4. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    I purchased one of these on Black Friday mainly to replace a 37" Vizio in my "Man Cave" ... primary use includes: Some HD Programming, Mostly Gaming, and the occasional Movie. I have put together some settings that looks pretty good on all 3 devices, but was wondering if anyone has a better...
  5. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Best Buy is offering a special make LG 55" LED HDTV for Black Friday only. It is going to be available for $499 and "retails" for $999. The specs can be found here . I am intrigued if only for the price of $499. We just moved into a new home and are in need of a TV in the 50" to 60" range so...
  6. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    "120Hz can't be turned off. This can make movies seem too real, what is known as the soap opera effect. It bothers most people and with most 120Hz TVs this can be turned off. With this TV it can not. " Its real? Can i off it without renaming to pc? Please reply anyone
  7. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Hello all, I'm just about at the end of my search to replace my 36" 275lb Sony CRT. My cabinet will hold a 46" - 50" display. The room has lots of windows, and the light isn't controled very well, but I do have wide angle needs because of the second couch in the room. I have no interest in 3D...
  8. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    I was looking at the specs of two LG HDTVs and one came with a 'LED' type of backlight and the other came with a 'Backlight LED' type. I am not sure what they mean. Anyone with any information? Will the backlight LED have local dimming feature? Or is that orthogonal ?
  9. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Firstly hi everyone first post here. I haven't really seen many reviews so I thought I'd post one up for the economy line LG LED/LCD TV line. Got the TV from best buy for a good price for what its worth. I really like the picture quality on this thing. Its got really good viewing angles as...
  10. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Has anyone calibrated this TV, and would like to share their settings? Thanks!
  11. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    I am wary of screen uniformity and backlight bleeding issues of edge lit LED TVs. LG LA6200 is direct lit so I am considering it. Has anyone bought it? Please post your reviews here. Thanks a lot.
1-11 of 11 Results