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  1. Display Calibration
    Sorry for another one of these threads, but I am new to this stuff. I have read a ton and know what I should be seeing. I have a calibrated TV in the house now, so it isn't that I am not used to a calibrated set. I have the LG LW5600. The color temp is coming up as 8900-9000. I have set the...
  2. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    I have a Time Warner Cable box connected to a LG 47LW5600. Just bought a Vizio VHT215 soundbar. Need help to connect the soundbar to these two device. 47LW5600 has four HDMI, unsure any is with ARC or not. Also not sure it has digital optical. Thanks in advice
  3. Display Devices
    Terrific condition and I unlocked the service menu to add THX settings for both 2D and 3D pictures. Bought this TV in May of 2011 and have never had any issues with it. Marvelous picture. There is VERY minor light bleed in the bottom corners in the darkest scenes but you only notice if you...
  4. 3D Tech Talk
    I have an LG LW5600 which will not recognize my cable box as a 3D divice. When I turn on my xbox and look at the 3d menu on the tv all options are availabe for watching tv in various 3d modes and it works great for movies from hulu etc. When I try to watch 3d movies through my hd 3d cable box...
  5. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    ..or did anyone ever find a solid fix outside of turning off trumotion and changing the input to PC? I still have some lag and was wondering if there was absolutely anyyyyyyyyy way to fix this without having to buy a new TV. Did a quick search with no real answers. Thanks kindly
  6. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    ADMIN, THIS POST WAS INTENDED FOR Official LG 47LW5600/55LW5600 "Passive 3D" Owners THREAD. Inadvertantly started new thread. PLEASE DELETE THREAD. My apologies. 'C' ____________________
  7. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    I have an LG 47LW5600 and when I play Divx or MP4 files from either my NAS video server or from a USB drive plugged into the TV the audio is extremely low volume. I have to turn the volume on the TV all the way up to 100 for it to be decent. When I play these same files on my computer or on my...
  8. Plasma Flat Panel Displays
    I would like to purchase a new TV, but have only been looking at LED tvs since they seem thinner/lighter and use less energy. Also Im nervous about the plasma image retention (having a kid around) I got an alright price ($1000) for the LG 55" 3D tv (it was either that or the 55" smart led LG)...
  9. Display Calibration
    I'm going to be calibrating an LG 47LW5600. I'll be using CalMan with a D3 profiled to an i1Pro. I'll also be using an AccuPel DVG-5000 pattern generator. I just want to know if any one has experience calibrating this model (or comparable model), and what settings I should turn off, or leave...
  10. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    I posted on the official 55LW5600 thread, but did not get a response. I have ARC setup on both the Onkyo and the TV, however the only audio that gets passed through is 2 channel audio. I have the PS3, Boxee Box, and Tivo connected directly connected to the TV, and the 270 connected on HDMI 1...
  11. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    I am deciding between these TVs. My biggest issue is that the room it is going is is pretty bright, so the matte screen is a huge plus. Does the 47LM6700 have a similar matte screen to the 47LW5600? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  12. 3D Tech Talk
    I just recently purchased the LG 55LW560 LCD 3d tv about two weeks ago, as of now I am on tv #2, the first one having been replaced for the same issue. The tv will randomly reset itself, a simple shut off then immediately turn back on all by itself. I've looked through the forums and haven't...
  13. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    hi everyone, so i just recently bought my lg 55lw5600 about 3 weeks ago. now i was doing some cleaning and decided to clean the dust off the set. when cleaning the screen with the provided microfiber cloth i noticed that the screen bends in when i was cleaning. it opened up the bottom and top...
  14. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    I have an LG 47LW5600 TV which I am connecting an external hard-drive to in order to play video files. I've come across an MKV file that I'm getting an "Unsupported audio format" error with. The file contains DTS audio. I'm assuming that I will need to convert the DTS audio in the file to...
  15. 3D Tech Talk
    hi everyone, im looking to upgrade my current lg 50pz550 3d active plasma to lg cinema 55lw5600. the reasons im upgrading is for brighter picture for 3d and 2d, slightly bigger screen, very less crosstalk on 3d than the plasma, not having to worry too much about burn in and overall cheapness in...
  16. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Right now, I can get the LG 47LW6500 for cheaper than the LG 47LW5600, is there a drawback of the 6500 I should be aware of?
  17. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Not really sure what to do about the choices of TV from the 2011 model year. I am almost finished my basement renovation and want a nice TV to fit the space. I would like to go to 60", but the wife says no. I have been looking for 3+ months and now totally confused on what to do. There are some...
  18. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    I prefer the styling of the Samsung....what are the differences in PQ? I don't care about the 3D quality....just the best 2D PQ and styling for the money.
  19. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Or any other comparable to the Vizio in image quality?
  20. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Any recommendations? I'm trying to find something that has the Vizio's PQ.
1-20 of 63 Results