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  1. Home Automation
    Hi all, I'm playing around with home automation. I have a few smart bulbs and LED strips in the house, and a few other things. My next project is to "side light" my front door. I have an LED strip that's waterproof, just the generic Merkury brand. I plan to run this up one side of the front...
  2. Home Automation
    Morning All! A client of mine is looking to have some lighting control done in their home. They are requesting to have it integrated with Home Kit or Google Assistant. Seeing as Crestron has not yet been able to get Apple to play nice, I am exploring other options. The project is a retro fit...
  3. Home Automation
    Has anyone heard anything about the Lutron RadioRA2 system? I'm currently looking at a home lighting control system and was considering the RadioRA system but hears they might be releasing a next generation. I have 15 windows that I want shades for and about 30 lighting loads.
1-3 of 3 Results