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  1. What's Your System Configuration
    3/7/2021- the never ending project. Over the past year I have added new to me Klipsch KLF10 towers for my L/R fronts, two SVS subs ( PB2000 Pro & PB1000 Pro), and moved my Klipsch RB-81II to my rear Surrounds. The sound is incredible! 7/15/2019- My system has dramatically changed. We moved...
  2. Remote Control Area
    Didn't see one of these and just picked up one myself and am coming across some questions about it. Instead of looking through the countless pages for the 880 and the 550 remotes, we may as well have a place for us 670 owners to observe too.... Product Images: Logitech.com Overview: Command...
1-2 of 2 Results