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  1. Remote Control Area
     Hi All,   I'm new here so I apologize if someone has already covered this - if so I can't find anything.   At any rate, my setup is fairly normal - TV in living room, receivers in a closet.  Right now my cable box, AppleTV and Roku are by the TV.  Other than the fact that my receivers are...
  2. Latest Industry News
       More AVS CEDIA Coverage See Scott Wilkinson in conversation with:   Joe Kane Theo Kalomirakis Anthony Grimani Gregg Loewen Dennis Erskine Logitech Bryston Da-Lite Onkyo Screen Innovations DVDO Epson Kordz JVC Darbee CasaTunes Harman Monoprice Laurie Fincham David Abrams...
  3. Remote Control Area
    My HT is coming together nicely and I am at the point where I am close to having all of my equipment other than the remote control. This is one area I really don't have any experience with for advanced remotes. My current remote that I used for my TV was an old Harmony 659 I believe. While it...
1-3 of 3 Results