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  1. Video Source Items
    Single owner. The Wolf Proscalers are made for Wolf by Lumagen. This is the Radiance Pro 4242 in a Wolf chasis. that is the only difference. Comes with rack mount, remote, power supply. Price includes shipping to CONUS and paypal fees.
    $3,100 USD
  2. Video Processors
    So, for TV's without 3D LUT support (which so far seems to be everything except for LG and Panasonic (which aren't available in the USA)), the general wisdom is "use a 3D LUT Box if you want to do 3D LUT." Well, the problem is, there seems to be a VERY limited choice of "3D LUT Boxes" on the...
  3. Video Source Items
    Looking for a used (price-wise) Radiance Pro that matches the following requirements. One 18Ghz card is enough, as I have an HDFury Vertex 2. Must be able to output 18Ghz as well, of course. The smaller version they still make spare parts for is preferred. Seller must be willing to ship to...
  4. Video Source Items
    Yo! Im selling my personal Lumagen Radiance Pro 4244-18G. This is the one with 6 inputs and 2 outputs inputs are all 4K/18gb and has separate audio and video outputs. If you guys know what this thing is then you know its a great value at the price advertised.
    $5,300 USD
  5. Video Source Items
    These are 18ghz output modules to replace existing 9ghz modules. Simple replacement with just a screwdriver. Verify that they will fit your model by comparing the photo with the modules in your unit.
    $350 USD
  6. Video Source Items
    Purchased in 2017. Works perfectly. Upgraded (2) 18G inputs and (6) 9G inputs, and (2) 18G outputs and (2) 9G outputs. Calibrated by Ken Whitcomb for my Sony VPL 5000es on a Stewart ST100. Only selling because I upgraded to new Lumagen unit and projector. Also selling my Sony VPL-VW5000es...
  7. Video Source Items
    This magic box has been a game changer for HDR content with my projector and one of the tools that calibrations love to use.. I've been a Lumagen user for many years and I hate the thought of not being without it but I'm changing things up and need this sold to help fund those changes. The...
  8. Video Source Items
    Hello all, I have a spare Radiance Pro 4444 that has been tested and is working like new. The asking price is $4500, plus shipping. Please PM me for any further details.
  9. Video Processors
    This thread is for posting objective evaluation data and analysis results with respect to the various Video Processors both in their own right and as compared with eachother. This includes the likes of the Lumagen Radiance PRO, the madVR Envy, madVR HTPCs, and any other video processing...
  10. 2.35:1 Constant Image Height Chat
    Hello Everyone, i own a Lumagen XE3D and after many years i just bought a second hand screen SI black diamond. before i had a 16:9 screen. i am used to watch 2,35:1, 16:9 and 4:3 (laser disc) movies on this screen. i read Lumagen tech tip 16 to configure the processor to easily deal with the...
  11. Display Devices
    Gently used. $495 Free ship to CONUS.
  12. Video Source Items
    Bought 2nd hand from Gordon at Convergent (Lumagen distributor); for sale only as I'm upgrading to the "next step up" 2143. Working great. This is a brilliant video processor, allowing you to achieve reference colour via the built-in 9x9x9 LUT in the hands of a calibrator (or DIY as I do with...
  13. Display Devices
    For Sale: Lumagen Radiance XE 3D This is the Lumagen Radiance XE 3D. 6 HDMI 1.4 inputs, 2 outputs. Supports full processing of all HDMI 1.4 3D formats. 125 point color cube calibration. Lumagen No-Ring scaling. Includes rackmount ears, original packaging and accessories. Price: $1250 +...
  14. Video Source Items
    Lumagen Radiance XD Video Processor for sale. In excellent condition with original box, remote, serial cable, manual. 3D firmware is not installed but can be purchased from Lumagen. $500 plus shipping.
  15. Dealer Specials
    I have one open box Lumagen Radiance 2144 Cyber Monday special $1795. Shipping to anywhere in the continental US $50 Lumagen Radiance 2144 4K output Intergrated Darbee Darblet image sharpening Makes the image on your 1080p or 4K display POP. Factory refurbished and tested by...
  16. Dealer Specials
    I have an open box Radiance 2144 that I'm selling for $2495 This unit includes all the accessories and shipping within the continental US. The front and case are in perfect 10/10 condition. It was tested and had the software updated by Lumagen. It comes with a Lumagen 1 year limited...
  17. Video Source Items
    Original owner, less than 30 hours use, original box, packaging, remote, etc. Asking $1500 or best offer shipped and insured. If I don't reply here drop me an email. I don't always get email notifications for some reason. Thanks for looking. [email protected]
1-19 of 30 Results